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Stages for creating a video
We begin preparations for the shooting, which include analysis of the niche and competitors, brainstorming and testing ideas, writing a script and organizing the shooting process. This stage is the most important in the entire process of creating a video. Competent pre - production is 70% of the success of the video. The more detailed is the briefing, the easier it is to find working ideas and to develop an original script. Moreover, the cooler is the idea the better is the result. Checked!
The process of shooting a movie is most interesting and fascinating, since just the production stage creates "the magic". A film set and a team - it is always an ocean of drive, positive and joy. You will not get bored here, as the work is in full swing! We start from coming to the shooting place and finish with moment of retuning back the rented equipment.
It is the stage of video processing, carried out after filming. We disassemble and mount the footage, apply the sound design, synchronize the sound, carry out color correction, graphic design and add special effects. It is everything that happens with the video materials after the command: "STOP! DONE!" This is postproduction.

Promo Pictures

We are a full-cycle video production studio that creates turnkey reportage, advertising, corporate, review and animation clips. We realize projects of any complexity: from a brief overview to an hourly report from the event.

• We carry out work in a short time and work in a super- operational mode. Those who have already burned out all the deadlines often contact us with the words "the video is needed immediately!!!"

• Our team supports the results more than our favorite football team. We will do our best to win the race with your competitors for the best video.

• And we are real fanatics in matters of a beautiful picture with an ideal composition of the frame. This is our passion.
Some facts about us
The following are the achievements of which we speak with pride:
>100 projects
Our portfolio contains more than 100 projects. It is not just the video; it is our best ideas, the inspiration of camera operators, directors, acting, the work of motion designers, etc. - the results of the work of a huge team.
100% yes
100 % positive results. 100 % of satisfied customers. Each client for us becomes a friend and a partner. Here is the secret of our success - we listen and hear our customers, we advise, affirm each stage of work and solve the task together with them.

21 500 km
Our team went so many kilometers in 2019. That was how we solved business problems throughout Ukraine and created vivid video content. We have visited almost every corner of our country and we are not going to stop!

We love our customers
We work with a wide range of companies
Frequently asked Questions
How much does it cost to make a video?
The price of the video varies depending on the complexity of the project.

How long does it take to shoot my video? When can I pick it up?
Sequence shooting: on average, one video needs 3-7 days. If it is an advertising or corporate video, then the time may be different, from 14 days to several months.
Does the video really work?

Yes! That is for sure! The video works 24 hours a day. It can be done in different languages. You can tell your potential customers about your product quickly and easily.

What am I paying for? After all, to make a video is just a click to button...
Creating a video is a whole world. In this world, it is the work of a manager, screenwriter, proofreader, director, cameraman, announcer, editor, graphic artist, producer, and so on.

Are you working officially? Or "on the knee"?
We are officially registered. We are professionals, and provide you with proper documents.
Do you visit sites? What territory do you work in?
We are happy to travel to any place where shooting is needed. We work all over Ukraine and abroad.

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