Why do I need an animated commercial?
Animated video solves many problems: from a visual explanation of complex processes, to a colorful presentation of goods and stimulation of a purchase decision.


An animated video is a video clip that is created using advanced computer technologies, 2D and 3D graphics. Using animation clips, you can create product advertisements, video presentations, video tutorials, and other video content formats.

The animation clip is characterized by colorful graphics and stunning special effects helping the viewer to achieve maximum engagement.

Well-designed images and an animation script allow you to perform any business task. In such videos, it is easy to control the attention of the viewer and achieve the necessary emotions.
"Rollers using 3D and 2D graphics are really a limitless field of possibilities. Whatever incredible and technically complex idea you come up with, it can always be realized with the help of graphics. The main advantage of animated videos is flexibility. If you cannot fix something with the classic clips after the shooting is complete, you can always redraw the animation. "
Design, Animator

Benefits of an Animated Movie

  • It solves problems of any complexity. Using an animation clip, you can reproduce complex technical processes, demonstrate in detail and explain the principles of product operation.
  • It is universal. It can be used for business and products / services of any field. Animation technologies allow you to create videos of any format: for TV, sites, YouTube, social networks, etc.
  • Provides ease of reporting. With the help of motion design, we create images and scripts that maximally simplify the perception and increase the memorization of information.
  • It has unlimited technical capabilities. In an animated video, without exaggeration, we can realize the idea of any level of complexity.
  • Attracts attention. With the help of vivid images and animated effects, we create catchy videos that are very different from the existing video content of your competitors.
As in any other types of videos, the creation of an animated video begins with the analysis of information about the company and the setting of the task. Based on the received data, the team develops a general concept and generates ideas.

At each stage of creating the video, we discuss all the details of the process with the client, so that the final result is 100% consistent with your expectations.

"There are as many animation formats as your ideas. There is no framework. "
Sergey Zverev
Director, Filmmafer
Пример видео
Анимационный ролик о приложении для парковки ParkEagles
ТВ реклама

Formats that can be used in an animated movie

  • Dynamic infographics. Graphical representation of statistics.
  • A commercial using 2D, 3D graphics and special effects increases the interest and involvement of viewers.
  • Instruction (training video). A simple explanation of complex processes with visual tools.
  • The presentation of the product in 2D and 3D formats allows you to demonstrate all the advantages and features of the product with the necessary degree of detail.
  • An image clip with bright graphics attracts attention and increases brand / company recognition.
  • Doodle video. Storytelling with dynamic pencil drawings. It is widely used both in advertising and educational formats.

Order an animated movie in Promo Pictures

- Top quality graphics from experienced motion designers.

- New technologies. We use advanced developments in the field of animation and new software.

- Thoughtful scenarios on which the effectiveness of the video depends.
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