Why does your business need corporate video?
Corporate video attracts talented job seekers, improves website CEO and creates a positive image of the company among customers, partners and future employees


Corporate video is a public video clip, the purpose of which is to present the company, talk about the corporate culture and people in general, without affecting specific products or services.

A video about the company is an effective tool in the arsenal of video content. Of course, the script and the quality of the shooting of such a video are of great importance.

A video with the right message will help develop your business, attracting a larger number of audiences. Show people that your company is successful, employees are happy, and you will get more willing to become part of your organization.
"The goal of corporate video is to show the human side of your business. Spectators must be inspired by your company and be emotionally involved. We find and "highlight" your best sides so that the whole picture and people in it shine. Which audience will not want to become part of such
a company?"
Anna Khatimlyanskaya
Director, Producer

Corporate Video Benefits:

  • Corporate Video Benefits: It Acts as a passive HR-tool that works 24/7, attracting talented applicants.
  • Builds trust and brand loyalty by telling the story of your company and employees.
  • Facilitates the perception of information for site visitors, telling the most important thing.
  • Raises your site in the search engine search list. Sites with video content get a higher rating on Google, Yandex and other search engines.
  • Demonstrates the human side of your business and allows you to penetrate the spirit of the company, involves at the level of emotions.
  • Multifunctional format: the video can be used not only on the site, but also in job postings, social networks, during presentations.
  • A PR tool that will interest journalists when creating publications about your company in the media.
When deciding to make a video clip, it is important to decide on the key message and the main advantages that can best describe your company. These aspects will become the basis of the script and help you plan the storyboard of the video correctly.
"The beauty of corporate videos is that there is no specific format to follow. This is pure creativity - we can talk about your company in a way that no one has done before"
Sergey Zverev
Director, Filmmaker

Formats that can be used in corporate video

  • Interview with the founder / CEO / senior management: interviews or messages from C-level employees in the company telling about the history of the company, values, successes, etc.
  • Interviews with "average Joe's" employees: interviews with employees who are not completely part of the executive management and who can talk about the company's work culture, advantages, atmosphere, etc. in the company. This is important for building trust, to attract job seekers and show that the company is an attractive place for career growth.
  • Office tours: shots that show the physical space of a company and how employees work, interact and move through it. You should also get staff that emphasize the unique benefits and features of the company.
  • Company Culture events: it is also a very effective to add shots from unique events within the company: team building days, pranks, birthday, blooper footage, holiday parties, etc. to the tour office.

Order a corporate video in Promo Pictures

  • We create corporate videos to achieve results. You set a task for our team; we generate ideas and coordinate our vision with you.
  • We agree on the timing and scope of work.
  • We shoot, sound and process the video.
  • We hand over work in precisely stipulated terms.
  • We always produce a beautiful picture and an effective script to get a 100% satisfied customer.
  • To achieve these two tasks, we are not sorry for the efforts

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