What is reporting shooting needed for?
Sequential shooting is necessary to cover a specific event or event, as well as to create news video content.


A reporting video is a documentary clip about a past event, which consists of the most significant moments of an event, meeting, holiday, etc.

Reporting video can be published as a news video report on the company's website, YouTube channel, social networks, as well as partner sites. Often, reporting video becomes the basis for creating promotional videos, video presentations, corporate videos and other content formats
"Reporting video is a valuable resource for creating promotional content of various kinds. Why hire actors if you can capture the genuine emotions of living people? "
Julia Pivtoratska
project manager

Reporting Video Benefits

  • The effect of presence. The purpose of the report is to engage the viewer as much as possible so that he feels the atmosphere and introduces himself as a participant in the event.
  • Documentary content is credible and creates a positive image of a company or brand.
  • Emotionality The dynamics of events in the reporting video involves the viewer on an emotional level. People best remember information that is backed by emotions.
  • Flexibility and versatility. The reporting of the event will be shot in such a perspective and in a light that is beneficial to you.

Depending on the goals, our directors and cameramen create a script for the video sequence for shooting and mount the footage in a precisely defined timekeeping.
"The same event can be covered in completely different ways. It all depends on the wishes and objectives of the client. "
Sergey Zverev
Director, Filmmaker
Sequential shooting is used for
such events:
  • Videography of corporate parties.
  • Video shooting competitions.
  • Videography of team building events.
  • Video shooting of show programs and parties.
  • Video presentation.
  • Video recording of training events (forums, seminars, conferences).
  • News footage from the scene.

Order a report in Promo Pictures

- Operational departure to the location. If you have a force majeure event, your operator has disappeared, and shooting is needed now, call us and we will immediately send operators to you.

- Dynamic scenario. Your viewers will regret not participating in the event.

- New equipment. Filming in high resolution, high quality post-processing of materials.
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