Why does a brand need a commercial?
An advertising video increases product sales, increases brand awareness and builds loyalty and audience trust.


A television commercial is a video ad format where the main purpose is to attract the attention of a wide range of consumers to stimulate sales.

Demonstrate the benefits of your product with creative video, and customers will remember your product. The customer should be really attracted to what you offer. How to achieve this?

With a bright idea, juicy shots and the right approach. An equally important requirement for creating a video clip for TV is a script that will set you apart from competitors.

We fulfill all of the requremements and offer a full range of services for creating advertising and promotional videos: from concept development to post-production and adaptation of video to various platforms.
"The main goal of the commercial is not to achieve the WOW effect, as many people think. What difference does it make that you were impressed if no one remembered the product brand? The main goal is sales. But how to increase demand, this is a matter of creativity.

Achieving the WOW effect in sales is what we strive for when creating advertising. "
Anna Khatimlyanskaya
Director, Producer
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Видео ролик "Киевский Ювелирный Завод"
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TV Commercial Advantages

Visual demonstration of the goods. It has been scientifically proven that the video + sound format is the best format for retaining information. Advertising allows you to remember the appearance of the product, packaging and application, greatly increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Increasing sales, brand and product recognition, customer loyalty and trust.

Almost unlimited opportunities for creativity. State of the arts of graphics technology allows you to create videos with fantastic worlds, fairy-tale characters and incredible special effects. Any idea can be implemented in a realistic footage.

Economic benefit. Television is the most popular promotion venue with a low cost per contact. Having ordered a television commercial, you get full coverage, with all the costs of production and placement quickly paying off.

Format flexibility. The television commercial easily adapts to other placement venues: for showing it on affiliate network sites, social networks, YouTube, etc. Your video content for television, can be used for other types of promotion.
Before ordering a commercial, determine the most powerful advantages and features of your brand / product. These features should clearly distinguish you from competitors.

Think about the value of your product to the buyer. The most powerful insights of your product will become the basis of the advertising idea.

The effectiveness of the outcome will depend on how clearly you can characterize the product. We will do everything showing your strengths and dazzling all competitors in the market.
"A TV commercial is our favorite format. Your imagination can be directed in the right direction and there is nothing nicer than realizing your creativity will sell. Definition of the concept and search for " the only" idea always inspires the whole team. This is a limitless field for creativity and solving business problems. "
Sergey Zverev
Director, Filmmaker
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Formats that can be used in the commercial

Interview with an expert. An interview with an expert in the field increases the trust and credibility of the brand (it can be an interview with doctors, lawyers, economists, analysts, etc.).

From the problem - to the solution. The scenario revolves around a demonstration of a consumer-significant problem, and then an advertised product is offered as a solution.

The emotional story. Advertising that engages the viewer on an emotional level has a greater involvement. Both positive (joy, happiness, inspiration) and negative (pain, fear, anxiety) emotions can be used to engage the viewer.

Image advertising. Demonstration of the brand in the most favorable light with the help of a powerful visual range and harmonious musical accompaniment.

Screensaver. Short clips for sponsorship shows on television.

Product demonstration in action. The script is based on situations of using the product to increase the desire to buy a product.

The musical. A video using specially prepared copyright songs, dances and music.

Documentary clip. A video that imitates amateur photography of unusual situations. Such videos often become viral.

Interviews with consumers. The opinion of real consumers of goods significantly increases confidence in the product.

"Before and after". Demonstration of the effect of using the product allows you to see the product in action. This type of advertising works great to increase demand.

What is the difference between commercials on TV and YouTube

1) Formats:

  • TV: Formats are defined by the TV channel: it can be a sponsorship screensaver, a 15-, 30- or 60-second video.
  • YouTube: you can place the video in the ad unit for 30 seconds with a pay-per-view or take a full review with a blogger for a fixed price. You can also launch and promote a viral video. Ideas for YouTube movie formats are limited only by your imagination.

2) Targeting

  • YouTube allows you to customize ad unit impressions with a high degree of accuracy in targeting your audience. This means that you can only show ads to users who are really interested in your product.
  • TV: TV ads are more targeted at broad audience than precise targeting.

3) The ban on advertising certain products.

  • TV: It is forbidden to advertise tobacco products on television, and the display of alcohol advertising is allowed only after 00:00.
  • YouTube: you can shoot a commercial in the form of a review of almost any product (including alcohol and tobacco).

4) Form of payment

  • TV: you pay for coverage - the largest possible number of users who have watched your ads. Due to its wide coverage, the cost of one contact for TV clips is very low.
  • YouTube: when you post a video, you pay for the number of views - that is, for the number of contacts with a narrow circle of interested audiences.

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