Does the product need a video review ?
A video review demonstrates the product in the smallest detail, talks about its features and advantages, and teaches its proper use.


A video review of a product is a video clip with a detailed presentation of a product that provides comprehensive information about a product. The video review is shot taking into account the creation of answers to all questions that may arise from the buyer.

Thanks to the overview video, the user receives all the valuable information on the product page and immediately proceeds to purchase.

The review video is most often posted on YouTube, on third-party product sales platforms (online stores, global marketplaces), on the manufacturer's website (online store), and on social networks.
"A review video greatly facilitates the purchase process for both parties: it saves managers time and efforts to find information for the buyer"
Julia Pivtoratska
project manager

Video Survey Benefits

  • Increases conversions. After viewing the review videos, more than 70% of users go to the purchase.
  • Serves as a consultant 24/7. Thoroughly thought out movie script answers all kinds of questions of the buyer.
  • Boosts search traffic. By posting the video on YouTube, you will get additional traffic, as product reviews are now in great demand.
  • Improves website CEO performance. Users spend more time on the product page, which positively affects the site ranking in search results.
  • Increases brand confidence. The viewer sees the product in action, makes sure that everything works and begins to trust the manufacturer more.
  • Fast and affordable creation. We create a short video in a short time, and the cost of work is relatively low.

"The optimal length of the review video is determined by the complexity of the advertised product. The task of the video is to provide the maximum amount of information about the product in the most accessible format for understanding. If the user has many questions after watching the video, the video needs to be finalized".

Sergey Zverev
Director, Filmmaker

What products most often need reviews?

  • What products most often need reviews?
  • Appliances and electronics.
  • Cars and auto products.
  • Beauty products.
  • Clothes, shoes, accessories.
  • Household products.
  • Instruments.
  • Sporting goods.
  • Children's goods and toys.
  • Equipment.
  • Other product categories.

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- Comprehensive service. Creation of a video from script writing to post-production and voice acting.

- Short terms. If the deadlines are on, we will do a video review "for yesterday".

-Quality product. We take care of a ideal picture and your image. Clean shots with the perfect composition are the passion of our camera operators.
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